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Big News!

After five years of life, Stan Swanson of Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest has sold the majority of his share of the digest to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. It is unclear yet what the future will hold for Dark Moon Books, but Perpetual Motion Machine will now be the sole publisher of Dark Moon Digest, the horror quarterly that first launched in October 2010.

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Halloween revisted

halloween photoHalloween

Halloween.  A time we all associate with candy and costumes.  But where does the tradition come from?  Like most American traditions, there is no clear cut evidence of it starting from any one origin, but rather a mish-mosh of various cultures.

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This Isn’t For Your Eyes by George Lea

I started young. Very young. Never denied, never censored. Likely before I could walk, before I could speak.

Vague recollections of that time; the first images, distorted, exaggerated. I’ve managed to revisit most of them in my adult life, though it’s impossible to recreate that first frisson now. The memories are far more elaborate, far more atmospheric, than the reality.

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Meet the Author: M. G. Allen

M.G. Allen has appeared in Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse before. Most recently, his short story, “Fast, Fresh and Delicious” was published in Dark Moon Digest 20.

1. Talk about how you came up with the idea for the story that appeared in DMD 20.

I had the premise of pizza delivery guy, Lance, who is just doing his thing, delivering pizzas. On his route, he confronts something very different on the other side of the door.  Everybody knows a “Lance”. He’s the guy with the shitty car with a rattling engine that spews awful fumes from the muffler. He’s the guy at the counter buying a six pack of beer with spare change. He’s a man of perpetual bedhead wearing the same threadbare concert t-shirt from 2002. What you don’t know about this Lance is that he unwittingly stumbled into a world of monsters, conspiracy and a pizza company that just might be bent on worldwide human enslavement.

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